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Newminds was founded in December 2014 by Alexander Domanitskiy and Jesper Lehmann Nielsen, when it became evident to them that a great deal of companies operate and perform far below what is actually achievable.

About newminds

Conduct of our business is different thinking. Through detailed analysis and preparation of your business we critically participate in the change process. Which means our client´s potential to achieve great progress in cooperation with us, that we actually let part of our payment be defined on the achievement of the establised success criteria.


The 2 founders meet each other in 2008 in a start-up company. After 2 years of working together they knew one day they would start their own business together. Until end of 2014 different european managing board positions were excecuted and newminds became a reality in December 2014.


Our statement is to provide the right ressources at the right time to maximise our client’s business potential.


Newminds provides insights that will help our clients achieve exceptional results and build value for his business. Simply, by “putting our skills to work for the benefit of others”.

Our Services

We help companies to tackle complex performance improvement challenges. Solutions we customize to the specific business context with actions that are realistic, achievable, and most importantly, sustainable.

Newminds specializes in achieving performance goals and improvements in mid- to large sized retail and/or production companies. Furthermore distribution and service industries. Following topics: Interim management of your business. Performing and management reporting. Generation of investors with access to venture capital. As well as value added services such as IT solutions and efficiency. Loyalty and service quality monitoring.

We think, succeeding requires radically different way of thinking about strategy and execution. As experienced performance improvement partners, we bring an approach built on the firm’s operational and restructuring DNA and core principles: speed of analysis, practical business know-how and hands-on delivery. We work with companies to drive significant improvement across their operations, seizing the right growth opportunities and improving profitability of top and bottom-line challenges.

Cost optimization

Audit of all cost lines and within four weeks establish an prioritized cost optimization plan which either 100% can be implemented of the companies own ressources or partly done of newminds operational team members. 

Our operational services include;
1) improvement of existing rent agreements,
2) search and negotiation of new lease agreements,
3) development of staff result oriented motivation systems and cut of none performer ressources,
4) finance, ERP & IT optimizations,
5) correct cost allocation per division & department to secure reliable comparison materials for future decision makings.


Revenue and margin growth

With our results-driven approach, we help B2B and B2C companies to identify and quickly generate prioritized improvements. Our sense of urgency is beside the outcome engagement one of our key USP’s.

Each company is incomparable and we assess your specific situation to identify revenue & margin opportunities. Within two-to-four weeks, our team prioritize and demonstrate a set of high-impact recommendations to drive your revenue & margin. These suggestions are built around ease of implementation and quickly providing a return on investment.

Revenue & margin programs include:
1) analyze profitability of the individual brand, products and costumers to determine new areas of growth,
2) category management incl. analyzing price elasticity on products and product groups,
3) analyze sales processes & secure efficiency and maximum productivity,
4) optimization of marketing & selling expences to secure highest possible ROI on cost spendings.


Human capital

Human capital is “often” the most important form of “capital” in creating the performance changes and the growth rate of the company.

Optimize the human resources in the business case; Efficiency of personnel in front and back office; KPIs and tracking system. Beside this and equally important for organizations is to attract, develop and ongoing engage talents.

Our HR competence services include:
1) Human ressource strategy development,
2) Staff motivating systems incl. KPI’s and monitoring,
3) Staff management efficiency,
4) Staff function optimization incl. determination of performer and none performer ressources, to secure the most cost efficient organisation without compromising on quality of work.

Investor & Project matching

Match turnaround and/or start-up projects with potential new investors – launching new business on behalf of the investor (normally incl. 2-3 years roll out plan), and secure the roll out in different markets and making it perform according to pre-agreed KPI’s via our involvement as Interim Management.

Supply chain management

The effects of globalization, fast changing consumer behavior and more trading on mobile devices have led to a different complexity and time pressure.

Using better techniques with replenishment systems and being better than your competitors in this area will bring your business a competitive advantage. It will give you an improved overview and save you cost in the supply chain.

Controlling cost is one part of the story. But without the highest customer service level and the lowest capital employed, the effects of poor supply chain management are felt throughout the business, often resulting in lost market share and lower profits.

Finance and accounting

To deliver in time an insightful and confident financial reporting or vital statistic information can be a challenge for many companies. Therefore systematics and usage of newest technological tools are “must haves” for any successful organisation.

Our team provides following services:
1) organisation and effectiveness of finance functions,
2) operational performance improvements and cost management programs,
3) Finance & accounting structures.


Reliable information and communication

Without a strong communication and solid informations a project can collapse. Newminds secure a high level of informations and good communication within the whole project team, management and the wider group of stakeholders through the whole process.

Restructuring and turnaround management with or without Interim Management

We offer turnaround and restructuring assistance to companies that are critical underperforming, in a crisis, or are healthy, but having underperforming divisions. Working directly with company management, newminds helps to stabilize financial and operational performance by developing and implementing working plans and profitability. Newminds’s involvement reassures creditors and investors that the company is taking steps to address its problems and maximize its value. In specific projects newminds can as well take over the operational control as interim management to secure best possible financial performance.

Reference projects

We have deep expertise and a proven track record in a broad range of retail, distribution and service industries with following brands: Apple, LEGO, BoConcept, Imaginarium, Hamleys, SONY, Wacom and Mamas&Papas.

Raise capital

Funding arrangements for start-up or takeover plans

Capital injection in small and mid-sized companies with potentials for increasing results and growth. We work with an intimate known professional crowd of funding contributors.

Interim Management

Interim company management

Performance management, a short-term management gap or crisis-driven restructuring, newminds can solve each of these tasks. We have ourselves qualified experience in analyzing and matching a company requirements. Furthermore an excellent team of interim managers and professionals.

Service Company

Additional service

Launching new business on behalf of the investor, branding the concept with roll out plans on different markets and making it perform according to pre-agreed KPIs.

New cases

We work globally and locally. We help clients to think “out of the box and out of category”, therefore every first contact is thoroughly evaluated so that further business together will deliver results and make the change stick. We only take on assignments where we believe we can add measurable value for the client – also due to one of our principles; we are result driven and strive only to be rewarded on our KPI achievements.

The Partners

The 2 partners have prior worked jointly together in start-up companies with rapid growth and business restructuring in Europe and Russia. Track record of mergers and acquisitions deals.

Jesper Lehmann Nielsen

  • Years of experience


  • Countries worked in

    Germany, Austria, Switzerland, UK, Scandinavia

  • Start up projects in

    Germany, Spain, France

  • Turnaround / M&A projects in

    Scandinavia, Germany, UK

  • Brands worked with

    Apple, BoConcept, BTX textile Group

  • Languages

    English, German, Danish (& Scandinavian languages)

  • Personal motto

    "Always see the glass half full"

Alexander Domanitskiy

  • Years of experience


  • Countries worked in

    Germany, Scandinavia, Russia, Kazakhstan

  • Start up projects in

    Germany, Russia, France, Spain

  • Turnaround / M&A projects in

    Scandinavia, Russia, Poland

  • Brands worked with

    Apple, Sony, Lego, Hamleys, Mamas&Papas, Imaginarium

  • Languages

    English, Russian, German

  • Personal motto

    "The biggest risk is not taking any risk"

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Mono-branded stores managed simultaneously

Million Euro accumulated revenue (yearly) on managed projects with business turnaround and/or business launch with ROI in 2 to 3 years

Percentage or more cost savings (yearly) in turnaround projects through internal efficiency action plans and cost line optimisation program